Operational Solutions

Operational Savings

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce recognizes that reducing costs for your business remains a high priority. To that end, we have these programs to help you do just that:

Certificates of Origin: The Michigan Chamber provides Certificate of Origin services through an online portal that is secure, simple, fast and convenient. You can trust the Michigan Chamber to serve your export documentation needs. 

Cyber Security: We have a comprehensive solution for your IT and cyber security needs through our partnership with Michigan's leading provider of managed services, managed cloud, cyber security, managed networks, and other IT services.

LED Lighting: LED lighting is a practical, long-term solution to reduce your facility's electric bills, save on maintenance time and cost, and make a positive imprint on the environment. This full-service program means you get the best solution for your situation as well as handling rebates, signing warranties and offering financing options. Available to every member with no upfront fees and no obligation to implement the plan.

Utility & Telecommunications: We are able to perform a thorough analysis of your utility billing including gas, electric, water, sewer, waste removal, voice/data, cellular, and internet to investigate potential billing errors, recover overpayments, and discover, negotiate, and activate future savings opportunities for you. Available to every member with no upfront fees.