It All Starts With Members


Grand Rapids, Good Policy Means Good Business

As a business, it’s important that we engage in public policy to protect free commerce. The Michigan Chamber helps us to stay informed and is advocating for us at both the state and federal levels.

Davenport University

Grand Rapids, Investing in Talent to Meet Employer Needs

Davenport University and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce have partnered to offer a Corporate Education Scholarship to ensure leading companies in the state have the resources they need to offer their employees educational benefits. This scholarship is a key differentiator for many employers who are looking to navigate Michigan’s growing talent gap and recruit and retain talent in a competitive hiring environment.



Frankenmuth , Spreading Joy Worldwide

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland started from humble beginnings in 1945, quickly growing through several expansions to become the World's Largest Christmas Store offering over 50,000 gifts and trims from its location in Frankenmuth, Michigan. 


Lansing, Taking the Hassle Out of Technology

For over 25 years, ASK has been crafting technology solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes — from the small business looking to grow, to the enterprise looking to expand. Located in Lansing, ASK (Application Specialist Company) has successfully built its reputation as a leading provider of technical solutions in the Midwest.