Members-Only Resources

For your convenience, we offer several printable informational sheets related to some of the benefits of Membership, Advocacy, and Business Solutions.

Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size PDF.



Legislative Accomplishments 2017-18 Flyer Legislative Priorities 2019-20 FlyerSmall Business Tax 2019 Flyer Minimum Wage 2019 Flyer

Business Solutions

 Background Checks Flyer Business Supplies Flyer Certificates of Origin Flyer Credit Card Processing Flyer Cyber Security Flyer Educational Training Flyer Identity Theft Protection Flyer LED Lighting Flyer Salary Survey Flyer Shipping & Financial Services Flyer Unemployment Insurance Assistance Flyer Utilities & Telecom Flyer

Member Website Graphic

MCC Member Icon 2019

Below is the code you can use to add a 'Chamber Member' graphic to your website:

The graphic itself will remain on a remote server, the code below then looks for it there and displays it on your website. The code additionally makes the graphic a link back to the Chamber's website.

For 2019

<a style="outline:none;" href=""><img style="border:none;" src=""/>

Please note: You or your Webmaster will need to know how to edit and have access to manage your website to add this code.