2020 Strategic Plan

About the Plan

Members of the Michigan Chamber’s Executive Committee, Senior Advisory Council (past Board Chairs) and professional staff of the Michigan Chamber met in January 2016 to review progress made on implementation of the Chamber’s 2014-2016 Strategic Plan and start work on a proposed new Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. The strategic planning session was facilitated by Bob Harris, Certified Association Executive. Mr. Harris is a nationally-recognized author and expert on association management and strategic planning who is very knowledgeable about state and local chambers of commerce. On April 26, 2016, the Michigan Chamber’s Board of Directors reviewed and unanimously approved a Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. 

Michigan Chamber Goals

The following four organizational goals are the core competencies or pillars of the Michigan Chamber:

Deliver Powerful Advocacy – Be the voice of business advancing member priorities through legislative, legal and political action to achieve good public policy favorable to free enterprise.

Provide Business Solutions – Provide members and customers with high quality products and services to facilitate business success.

Embrace Government Accountability and Economic Growth – Support business and taxpayer-friendly policies to promote increased government efficiency and encourage economic growth.

Sustain a World Class Chamber – Continue to be recognized as an efficient, high-performing Chamber of Commerce.


The following implementation strategies support the Chamber’s four organizational goals:

Powerful Advocacy

  • With input from many Chamber members, identify a compelling legislative agenda to advance Michigan.
  • Maintain a highly-effective lobbying team.
  • Maintain or increase funding for political action.
  • Retain business-friendly majorities in the State House and Michigan Senate.
  • Retain a rule of law majority on the Michigan Supreme Court.
  • Continue to collaborate with local chambers and trade or professional associations on issues of mutual interest.
  • Deliver winning messaging on key issues, ballot proposals or election campaigns.
  • Continue to be a strong leader of the Chamber Federation at the state and national level.

Business Solutions

  • Continue to provide high quality member benefits, products and services through Chamber Services.
  • Develop new products and services beneficial to customers and profitable to the Chamber.
  • Customize existing communications and open new channels of communication to more effectively reach current and prospective members and customers.
  • Emphasize diversity in the growth of membership and strength of Chamber.
  • Achieve benchmarks for membership growth and retention.
  • Develop volunteer leaders and Chamber staff to serve as “Ambassadors” for the Chamber at the local level and in the policy arena.

Accountability & Economic Growth

  • Drive public policy debate for more efficient and effective government at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Continue to partner with the US Chamber to educate and inform voters about the growing need for Congress and our next President to take bold action in 2017-18 on federal entitlement reform.
  • Collaborate with education and economic development partners to close Michigan’s talent gap by improving workforce readiness for high school and college graduates.
  • Promote entrepreneurship, leadership and diversity initiatives through the Chamber Foundation.

World Class Chamber 

  • Attract visionary volunteer leaders at the Chamber.
  • Increase member engagement through annual regional meetings, Chamber of Commerce Day in Lansing and other special events.
  • Improve Chamber marketing, advertising and communications through enhanced messaging and better use of technology.
  • Encourage personal and professional development for Chamber staff.
  • Improve the linkage between the Chamber Foundation, Chamber Services and the Michigan Chamber by promoting the “One Chamber” theme.
  • Continue to rely on performance metrics and benchmarking of best practices to monitor progress toward the long term goal of 10,000 members or regular customers and $10 million per year in revenue by 2020.
  • Engage and provide services to local chambers.
  • Maintain recognitions and awards of excellence.
  • Maintain leadership roles in the Chamber Federation.