2020-2025 Strategic Plan

All across the state, businesses have joined the Michigan Chamber to be a part of the most powerful and influential business voice in Lansing. Together, we ensure Michigan is the best place to create jobs and support free enterprise. In 2019, the Michigan Chamber Board of Directors and members drafted and adopted a strategic plan for 2020-2025. Included in the plan is the Chamber's mission, vision statement and core goals and commitment to members.


To help Chamber members address business challenges by providing effective solutions and promoting sustained economic prosperity in Michigan.  


To be the leading voice of business in Michigan, with an engaged and diverse membership guiding our state to a strong and healthy economic future.

Core Goals

Powerful Advocacy - Be the voice of business by advancing member priorities through legislative, legal and political action to achieve good public policy.

Business Solutions - Provide members and customers with high quality products and services to help them succeed.

Economic Prosperity & Free Enterprise - Champion statewide efforts to enhance quality of life through free enterprise and economic growth.

World Class Chamber - Continue to be recognized as an effective, high-performing Chamber of Commerce. 

To request a copy of the Chamber's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan booklet, contact John Zimmerman at jzimmerman@michamber.com