We're On the Job for You

Our business advocacy promotes favorable conditions for your Michigan business. Learn how our lobbying efforts economic growth in Michigan.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has been serving small and large businesses in Michigan for nearly 60 years. We are one of only six state chambers accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and we are committed to our mission to promote conditions favorable to job creation and business success in Michigan. 

What We Do

As Michigan’s leading statewide business advocacy organization, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is on the job every day, standing up for job providers in the legislative, political and legal process. The Michigan Chamber is the unified voice of approximately 6,500 member employers, trade associations and local chambers of commerce of every size and type in all 83 counties of the state.

Our five registered, full-time lobbyists push for market-friendly policies and a competitive tax environment that attract both new business and high-quality workers. Additionally, they seek to limit government regulations and intrusions that hinder our business community’s ability to meet the needs and demands of consumers and employees.

Whatever the issue, the Michigan Chamber gets the job done.

Key Issues

Our lobbying efforts are currently focused on a number of key issues that impact the success of Michigan businesses, including:

  • Education & Workforce Readiness 
  • Employer Rights 
  • Energy & Environment
  • Federal Entitlement Reform
  • Health Care 
  • Legal Reform
  • Tax Climate
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

When the state legislature makes decisions about health care policies, insurance mandatesminimum wage, energy reform and personal property taxes - among other issues - we are there to make sure that these decisions have a positive impact on small businesses and their growth. 

Become a Member

Team up with nearly 6,500 Michigan businesses by becoming a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and make sure that your elected officials hear your voice. We advocate on behalf of all business types, both large and small, from all over the state, and the strength of our efforts is bolstered by our large and diverse membership.

Members receive a variety of useful benefits including solutions to keep your business compliant with state and federal laws, tools to keep informed about legislative breaking news and opportunity to participate in the process to make sure your voice is heard. Make the decision to join the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and together, we’ll make sure Michigan businesses have the opportunity to thrive.